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Around the world in 5 Gins at Dutch Courage Bar

Around the world in 5 Gins at Dutch Courage Bar


Located in a quiet part of Fortitude Valley in Brisbane, Dutch Courage offers a sophisticated bar environment with delicious gin options to please anyones palate. There are more than 110 gins and five varieties of tonic water at Dutch Courage – that’s 550 different ways to take your gin and tonic! Creative combinations from first-time bar owner, Matthew Hilan, make the drinks come to life. He took us on a trip around the world with gins from five different countries and told us about their flavours. 


Stop 1 - South Africa, The Pink Lady

Cape Town Pink Lady Gin is named after the Mount Nelson Hotel in the heart of Cape Town, affectionately known as “The Pink Lady”. The gin is infused with Hibiscus flowers and Rose petals, and a heavenly hint of Rose water. The fresh floral aromas and a tinge of Turkish delight on the palate pairs well with strawberry and coffee bean.


Stop 2 - France, Citadelle Original

Triple distilled from wheat, Citadelle Gin includes 19 botanicals including coriander from Morocco; orange peel from Mexico; cardamom and nutmeg from India; liquorice from China and cubeb pepper from Java just to name a few ingredients. The key flavour is juniper with citrus notes leaving an exotic taste in your mouth. The gin is delicate and pairs well with freshly juiced green apples. Who says you can't enjoy drink and be healthy? 


Stop 3 - England, Martin Millers 9 Moons

The Martin Miller's Gin chaps have made a foray into cask-aging their gin! Their 9 Moons Cask Aged Gin is matured in oak bourbon casks for 9 moons (9 months). Oak adds a slight vanilla sweetness to 9 Moons, that in turn enhances and amplifies the gin botanicals. It is best severed as is with a generous piece of ice.

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Stop 4 - Australia, Inked Gin

This gin is created on the east coast of Australia with the curious colour changing properties of an exotic flowering legume from Thailand known as the Butterfly Pea. The colour of Ink Gin is derived from the deep infusion of the pea flower petals changing its colour from deep blue to blush pink when mixed with tonic water. It is floral but also sharp in taste and can be garnished with edible flowers and fruit for a maximum instagramable wow factor.

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Stop 5 - India, Opihr Oriental

Opihr is a legendary region famed for its wealth and riches which prospered during the reign of King Solomon along the ancient spice route. The dry gin is made with Indonesian Cubeb berries, Indian black pepper and Moroccan coriander. It has a heady spice mix with cardamom notes raising its hand above the rest. This is a great mix and match gin with garnish combinations. The left drink in the images contains apple, ginger and lavender and the right drink has rosemary and lime leaves.