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Where to find the best street art in Newtown

Where to find the best street art in Newtown

On the western fringe of the Sydney CBD resides the suburb of Newtown. A place that immediately springs to mind when you think about street art and culture in Sydney. It’s recommended for anyone visiting or local to the area to take the time and explore the concrete playground with hidden street art and surprises at every turn. It can take hours to explore Newtowns' urban landscape and as with any gallery visit, it pays to know who the artists are and where to see their work. These are a collection of spots just off the main road of King Street for the beginning urban explorer.


1. Eye by Eoin - Lennox Street, Newtown

Residing on the west side of Camperdown Park this mural covers the side of a vacant two-story building. It's clearly visible from a far distance as it backs onto the park and neighbours many other great mural pieces in the area.

kasiasykus.com-3 copy.jpg

2. Mural by Ox King - Lennox Street, Newtown

From the Eye by Eoin if you head east you will find a mural by Steven Nuttall aka Ox King in the carpark behind the Newtown IGA Supermarket. It references the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations.  The main character of the book, Miss Havisham, is said to have been based on a local woman who was jilted on the day of her wedding and became a recluse who wore her wedding dress until the day she died. (Pictured: Left)


3. Mural by Alex Lehours - Lennox Street, Newtown

If you are so courageous to walk your way around the supermarket carpark to the other side of the same building you will find another mural on the opposite side by Alex Lehours. Alex is known for his fast painting and completed this neighbourhood commission in only a few days. (Pictured: Right)

4. Mural by Fintan McGee - Corner of Church and Lennox Street, Newtown

This eye-catching mural is hidden on the side of residential home opposite IGA Supermarket and the Newtown Baptist Church. A quirky take on a portrait by artist Fintan McGee, the subject can be seen catching a green zero-waste shopping bag. How convenient to have it placed next to a supermarket?

5. Mary's Burgers - Mary Street, Newtown

If all the street art seeking starts to make you ravenous head to Mary's Burgers just off Lennox Street back towards the Eye by Eoin. Mary's Burgers is a well known local dive that you can easily miss if you didn't know about it. It's cool grime and graffitied exterior matches the bars personality and great vibe just look for a single red light at night for the entrance and a decaying teddy bear on the wall. 

kasiasykus.com-6 copy.jpg

6. Beetle Juice by Unknown Artist - Lennox Street, Newtown

After a food break at Mary's Burgers you can continue to head west on Lennox Street past the Courthouse Hotel Pub (great for a pint of beer) and spot a newer mural recently painted in the area. (Pictured: Left)

kasiasykus.com-8 copy.jpg

7. Love is the Answer by Unknown Artist - Lennox Street, Newtown

If you were wanting a sign that it will all be okay during the journey turn yourself around at the beetle mural and face the direction in-which you have come. There will be big white letters scrawled in the distance on the top of one the taller buildings back towards King Street which read 'Love is the answer'. We would all like to know though what is the question? (Pictured: Right)

These listed spots only brush the surface of a few streets around Newtown just off the main street and further self exploration is a must to take in the wonder of the ever-changing art scene. The locals agree if you come back some months later to similar spots you have visited before it's highly likely the art you would see will be different.